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Our proprietary and top-rated property investment service finds the very best investment properties.

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    Call Our Experts, Ask Questions & Get Answers

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    Invest With Australia’s Best In Property

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    Our Investors Secure High Cashflow Investment Properties From Day One.

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    A Truly Exclusive Service with Qualified Experts and your Own Personal Assistant.


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What Clients Say
About Us:

Life Changing Stories are the result of working with the Phone Homes team.

At Phone Homes

Invitation Only
Service Campaign

State-by-State Campaigns

Our campaigns run once per year for each Australian state and are extremely limited.

Pure Expert-focused Service

We assign a personal assistant and a team of qualified property experts per client to maximise your results.

10 Invitations Per Month

Each month we extend out 10 new invitations to the 10 new investors from that month’s selected state.


Top 3 Benefits Working
With Phone Homes

  • Icon Chat Premium Support

    Have constant updates and support from our property experts while finding you the perfect investment property.

  • Icon Sign Hight Capital Growth Areas

    Our experts sort through hundreds of opportunities to find explosive hotspots.

  • Icon Check Completely Done-For-You

    We will help complete the entire investment process for you so that the process is enjoyable and mistake-free while also fast-tracking your new income source.

Phone Homes, Own Your Home Over The Phone. Australia’s Leaders in Positive Cashflow Properties.


Benefits Of An
Investment Property

These are some of the potential outcomes you can experience by owning an investment property.

Phone Homes Mortgage Reduction Strategy
  • Group 425 Weekly Cashflow:

    Adding a new income source to your portfolio of investment assets.

  • Group 427 Yearly Tax Breaks:

    Every year give your accountant an easy way to subtract thousands in taxes for you.

  • Group 428 Long – Term Capital Growth:

    How much has your home increased over time?

  • Group 429 Early Retirement Planning:

    Retire earlier, or retire more financially secure but most importantly, retire on your terms.


Our Investment Property
Success Checklist

When we research opportunities for our clients we are looking at everything that can contribute to potential future capital growth.

Ipad Tablet Phone Homes
  • Undervalued Land: We look for land that is in the locations
    people want to live, then pinpoint the best deals.
  • Close To Schools & Childcare Centres: By investing where
    families live, we secure long-term tenants for our clients.
  • Proximity to CBD: We find opportunities close to important job
    hubs so that we are assured of long-term asset growth.
  • Close To ​Public Transport: By positioning our investments
    close to public transport we drive rental yields higher for our
  • Government Infrastructure Spending: The locations we favourite
    have billions of dollars of planned Government spending that
    will drive long-term capital growth of your asset.
  • Close To Shops & Hospitals: These characteristics drive demand
    and widen the scope for finding tenants for your investment,
    which is all apart of our fully-managed service.

What Clients Say
About Us

Life Changing Stories are the result of working with the Phone Homes team.

Matthew Scerri:

  • Business Owner & Property Investor
  • Sydney NSW.

About this video:

Matthew Scerri runs a full-time dance studio business based in Sydney and just simply has no time to find investment properties. Matt explains his experience working with the Phone Homes team in securing his third investment property and the main reasons why he loves the service.

Bill & Ying Greig:

  • Self-employed/Semi-retired
  • Adelaide, SA.

About this video:

Bill & Ying had 3 original investment properties before they engaged our service and had mixed experiences when they purchased them! Their experience with our Phone Homes property service though was flawless and they speak highly about how positive their experience was in comparison to other properties they have previously bought. Worth the watch if you’re a potential client sitting on the fence!

Gary Chiorsi:

  • Migrant from South Africa
  • Adelaide, SA.

About this video:

Gary Chiorsi came from South Africa and since he arrived he’s worked with the Phone Homes team in creating a budget and plan. Gary refinanced his debts to be prepped for his eventual investment property and through the refinance alone he saved around $4,000 a year and will use the extra cash flow to pay off his mortgage twice as quickly.

The Vitukawala’s: Brisbane, QLD.:

  • Full-time Factory Workers
  • Brisbane, QLD.

About this video:

One of our best success stories, the Vitukawala’s have been trying to get an investment property for over 19 years and their dream finally became a reality by working with the Phone homes team securing their first investment property! A great story so watch and enjoy!

Brett & Rebecca Harvey:

  • Full-time Builder
  • Newcastle, NSW.

About this video:

Brett works full-time & Rebecca is a stay-at-home mum. They have now secured their first investment property in Helensvale, Gold Coast and they did it completely over-the-phone and interstate from Newcastle. This story is a great showcase of the Phone Homes service working exactly the way it is intended for our valued interstate investors.

Samira Boyce:

  • Full-Time Nurse
  • Central Coast, NSW.

About this video:

Samira is a full-time nurse and simply had no time or the experience required to buy an investment property. Samira took the leap of faith and signed up with the Phone Homes service and has now successfully secured a positively-geared investment property that is now providing her with an additional income each week and annual tax breaks for her hard-earned annual income.

Glenn & Julie Bellingham: Melbourne, VIC.:

  • Self Employed & Volunteers
  • Melbourne, VIC.

About this video:

Glenn & Julie have successfully secured their first investment property with the Phone Homes service and it was truly a great team effort from both parties to make the magic happen. This was made possible through the constant communication and trust we built throughout the relationship. What started as an uncertain beginning through not knowing who we were has turned into a great success story for them!

Robert & Julie Callow:

  • Full-time Fightfighter & Full-time Nurse
  • Sydney, NSW.

About this video:

Robert & Julie are a story of full-time (+overtime) workers that simply just didn’t have the time to find an investment property so they engaged with our property investment service. They have now successfully secured their next one with the Phone Homes team and the property is positively-geared and they couldn’t be happier! A great video that showcases a super skeptical beginning to now highly-trusted clients (& friends) of Phone Homes!

Ryan & Tracey Patterson:

  • Full-time IT Consultant & Full-time Teacher
  • Sydney, NSW.

Ryan & Tracey are yet another story of working full-time and not having enough time to find a positively-geared investment property. Living in Sydney they were searching for an investment property in South-East Queensland. Our property acquisition team eventually found them a perfect positively-geared property on the Sunshine Coast! Watch this interview now to see a real glimpse into the Phone Homes experience and working closely with our team!


Client Reviews

Over 100+ Authentic 5-Star Client Reviews.

daniel fritch Avatar
daniel fritch
I have just purchased my first investment property with Phone Homes. Ben, Amelia, Jackson and Pamela are a great team and I know there are others backing them up. The experience was really good and there may be cheaper ways of doing this, but the help they provide from finding a property all the way to renting it out has been excellent. I was skeptical at first because I had never met Ben and his team and thought it could be a scam. They put me at ease and responded in a timely fashion. This is definitely not a scam. They have truly exceeded expectations.
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Luke Bromley Avatar
Luke Bromley
It has been a Journey of ups and downs due to Covid but Phone Homes has been there with us. I look forward to grabbing coffee in the near future, meeting, chatting and thanking the hard working crew at Phone Homes👍
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Noreaster Travels Avatar
Noreaster Travels
Ben, Jackson, Amelia and the team are nothing short of amazing. At first we were a touch apprehensive in purchasing a property over the phone, however let us assure you, if you get the opportunity to travel the journey with Phone Homes, it is an opportunity of a lifetime and I could not recommend the team highly enough. Of course you need to do a bit of groundwork in obtaining documents, however Phone Homes guide you through the whole process of obtaining your own investment property. Ben and his team are a thoroughly professional unit who have vast knowledge of the industry and provide unbelievable support at every step of the way, always responding quickly to any questions or concerns. The only regret we have is not doing this earlier in our lives. Thank you to the Phone Homes team for assisting us in obtaining our first investment property and enhancing our financial security. Darren and Tracey
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Fordman Fender Avatar
Fordman Fender
To Ben, Jackson, Amelia and Pamela, thank you very much for making my first investment property an absolute breeze to go through. I would highly recommend Phone Homes to anyone who wants to get into the property market. Once I build my equity up I’ll be using these guys again for my next investment property. Bring on the bulls lads😎
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Scotty Misseninaction Avatar
Scotty Misseninaction
I work away a lot and the thought of owning an investment property and finding someone reputable to manage it, seemed way too difficult and time consuming. I didn’t have the patience or ambition to contemplate a second property. That was before I discovered PhoneHomes. These guys do all the hard work, so that you don’t have to. And I mean everything. I barely had to lift a finger. From finding the right property, and finding the right tenants. And the bonus is, it’s all positive geared. Which means that you get more money in your pocket. I’m certainly looking forward to my second investment property, with the help of these guys.
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Karen Anderson Avatar
Karen Anderson
Great customer service, would highly recommend anyone wanting to purchase an investment property to use Phone Homes.
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Richard Manning Avatar
Richard Manning
Phone homes are a great team they are Ben,Jackson and Amelia also Pamela. They used the equity from my super fund to purchase property, Everything was handled by them. Even though it was a stressful process with settlement at the end of December, they sorted everything and re a-sured me though out the process making themselves available seemed like anytime. Now all I have to sit back well my investment grows as an SMSF. If you are looking to investment in a an additional property Phone homes will work there hardest to find the right solution for you well making it seem easy.
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Socilux Group Avatar
Socilux Group
Big thank you to Ben & the whole team at Phone Homes for helping me re-structure a professional goal setting plan to maximise the returns on my property. The team were extremely knowledgeable and diligent when it came to Tax efficiencies and profit maximisation. Very easy to work with, I have and will continue to recommend Phone Homes to anybody I know looking to create a retirement plan and build wealth through property. Thanks again!
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KirkFanning Avatar
After one quick chat with the Jackson (and Ben?) I was given advice that has resulted in a yearly saving of $1960 off my mortgage. Both fellas were very well informed and offered sound advice. Highly recommend.
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Tamara Jeffs Avatar
Tamara Jeffs
Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to PhoneHomes in securing our very fist Investment Property! A few years again PhoneHomes contacted us but unfortunately we were not in a position to even look at investing in fact things were not not looking promising. As promised PhoneHomes contacted us again, gave us a thorough presentation and as they say the rest is history!!! We would be lying if we said we weren’t a little hesitant but we aren’t shy in taking risks so we pursued our journey with PhoneHomes. We are so glad we did, in a very short time we found ourself with an investment property (which we never thought would be possible) and to make it even better the process was so smooth and as promised everything was well researched and everything just fell into place. Thank you to Ben who persisted and was patient with us in the beginning, to Jackson who had to navigate some unexpected hurdles during COVID, Amelia for always keeping us updated and of course Pamela who has been so amazing in making the finance side of things less stressful. Can’t wait to do it all again!!
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Chelle Brown Avatar
Chelle Brown
Would I recommend Phone Homes – 100% yes. I have been a client with them for just over 2 years now and have just secured my 2nd property, like any major purchase or financial change in your life there is some stress that goes along with that – however the Phone Homes team made this process so much less stressful and intimidating than it would have been had I been navigating this alone. Being new to the investment market I was nervous, I had questions and was even dubious to take the first step, however the team have literally walked me through each step in the process for both properties and have always been available to discuss any questions I have. Being a single mum that is very time poor I could never have gotten myself into this position without the help of the team. I am truly grateful for the assistance they have given me and helping me set myself and my daughter up for a more financially stable retirement and future.
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Alison Parker Avatar
Alison Parker
We could not fault the PhoneHomes Team. For “First Time” Investors, no question was too trivial, and responses given where thorough, and in a timely fashion. When questions came up about the Pest Inspection, they went above and beyond to make sure everything was OK before we proceeded. Cannot Highly Recommend this Team enough if you are thinking about jumping in the “Investment Waters”.
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McCulloch Family Avatar
McCulloch Family
We have had the best experience with Phone Homes that we could ask for! The Team handled everything from start to finish, very professionally, and Ben & Amelia were fantastic! We could not recommend them highly enough (or thank them enough)! We now have our very first rental! Thanks again guys!
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Jon Bird Avatar
Jon Bird
The team is able to negotiate great deals – worth a look at.
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Tracey Avatar
Phone Homes are ‘next level’. You get a call from Ben who ‘runs the show’ and at first you become apprehensive, until he explains the process. We have worked hard for 30+ years, ready to retire in the next 10-15 years, wondering how we will do this. Ben and his team ‘click in’ and within a year we have purchased 2 properties. Within 8 months we are already in front, making a profit. Our second property we brought for $712K and settles today, has been estimated at $775K with a great rental return.HUGE THANKS TO JACKSON. Seriously, this has taken a fair bit of worry out of our lives as we move towards retirement. THANK YOU PHONE HOMES – GOLD!!!
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Peter Gilbert Avatar
Peter Gilbert
The team are very professional and great to deal with. We have had a previous investment bad experience with another company but phone homes made us so assured and relaxed that it made the process so much trusting and exciting for us. Would definetly recommend them
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Michelene Read Avatar
Michelene Read
Everybody was fantastic. All knowledgeable in their fields. Walked us through the process step by step and when the bank made a late change of approval, Ben and Pamela worked their expertise and gained a better home loan for us!!! Thank you to you all… we now are home owners!!!! Michelene and Deon
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Julie Bellingham Avatar
Julie Bellingham
Easy to deal with. Excellent communication. Thank you.
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Daniel Cheetham Avatar
Daniel Cheetham
We recently completed our first experience with PhoneHomes and while not perfect overall due to lengthy and continual delays in construction and site management through COVID, and the resourcing and materials issues that presented, Ben, Amelia and the team did the best they could in very trying circumstances for everyone. The time from sign up to property handover, ended up being around 2.5 years but they provided monthly updates, listened and understood our position whenever we needed to talk about the issues happening and always went out of their way to lessen the impacts on us when they were able to. Customer service was exemplary, they were accessible, returned calls and emails when they said they would, and managed the situation very well. So, although the entire project definitely had shortcomings, PhoneHomes did a great job and we would use them again.
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Lesley Durose Avatar
Lesley Durose
I have never met a more deserving group of people to receive a high praise of accomplishment. From the start to the end of the processes of purchasing an investment property they have made it very painless and run smoothly. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the Team and especially to Ben and Amelia and Pamela for everything you have done for both myself and John
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Brad Edwardes Avatar
Brad Edwardes
I engaged the services of Phone Homes to increase my posture in the housing market. My employment situation has its complications and I’m on the upper side of my 50’s, so I was nervous about whether Phone Homes would be able to get me into a suitable positively geared investment property. Even while travelling in the USA for over 4 weeks, Phone Homes communicated with me and continued to work towards finding the right property. The house we wanted is in a part of Brisbane which was strategically selected for it’s growth potential. Settlement occurred yesterday and we are more than happy with the result. The staff are great. No high pressure and very personable to deal with. If you need someone to take care of all the hassle and get you the right property, I have no hesitation in recommending Phone Homes.
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